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About Me

                                         Me and LWS at Bunnell FL launch with Jimmy Yawn

It is a story that reads the same, time and time again

 I was introduced to rocketry as a child. Like so many

others, I drifted away from it as I grew older.

But as if by magic, it found me again after my son was

born. He became fascinated with airplanes at the age of

 two, so it was only natural for me to buy an  Estes "Big Bertha" kit

and fly that for him. We put many flights on that rocket and bought

and flew several more. As he got older, the magic was again turned

 off and there was another rocket free space in life.

During the Christmas holiday of 2003 I decided to do an

internet search for making your own rocket motors.

I was expecting to find information on black powder motors.

I was surprised to find information on "sugar motors".

One site in particular that grabbed my attention was

Jimmy Yawn's. It is the site that put me on the path

I now follow.

I made this website to share what I have learned in hopes that it

might help someone to better understand the hobby that I

draw so much enjoyment from.