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                                                                Augmented Dextrose based fuel

Most of my propellants are sugar based. I work

with Sucrose, Dextrose, Sorbitol, and Erythritol.

Of the four, I favor Dextrose for most of my work.

It is nothing more than personal preference. All

are wonderful fuels and serve different purposes.



Cheap and readily available. It is easy to

work with using Jimmy Yawn's method.



Also cheap and readily available.

You can find it at your local brew shop

or health food store. It can also be ordered

in bulk from Honeyvillegrain for around

$1.00 per pound including shipping.

I use Dextrose to make my C-slot

grains because it is easy to pour into the

casting tube. I also like the quick set time.



I also get this at the local health food store .

It has the advantage of a slow set time. It works

great when you are still learning how to cast your

grains. It  cost a little more, and has a somewhat slower

burn rate at higher pressures.  Learn more about this by visiting

Richard Nakka's site.



This is the fuel championed by Scott Fintel.

He used it to fly to over 29,000 ft.

It has a slow burn rate and can be used when a long

burn motor is desired. Learn more about

Erythritol by visiting

Scott's Website.