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We start by cutting 2" x 11" strips from

110 lbs. card stock. You will get 4 per sheet.


       Now we cut those strips into 2 5/8" long pieces.     


You will get 16 blanks and 5 pieces

of waste if you cut it properly.


  2" wide aluminum foil tape cut to

2 5/8" long pieces. You need 2 for each grain.


You need two each of the blanks and tape.

You also need your former.  Mine is simply

a " rod with a wrap of paper and aluminum

foil tape to build it up to .56" diameter.


  The blank is curled along its width

around a " dowel.


The tape is applied to the blank as shown.


The casting tube is rolled on the former.


This is a finished casting tube.

Leave it in place for now.


We will roll the liner on top of the casting

tube using the same method as above.


Finished liner over casting tube.


Casting tube telescoped in liner.

Notice the tight fit of the two pieces.


The last step is to place the set into

a piece of " PVC pipe. If it does

not fit into the pipe reduce the diameter

of your former wrapper until it does.

You are now

ready to cast your grain.

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