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                                                                 24mm Motor system

My 24mm motors are basically the same as the 18mm version only bigger.  I had the supplies to build them with for over a year before I actually made the first motor. I received a request in late 2006 from a customer for two motors. He wanted one to hold a 40mm fuel load, and one to take an  80 mm fuel load. I was so pleased with them after I made them, that I decided to make some for myself. They are turned from 6061 aluminum
stock with an integral thrust ring. They incorporate a solid or delay header and a graphite nozzle secured with snap-rings.

This system was developed to be used with sugar propellants. The motor above holds a 140mm fuel load that weighs around 62.5 grams. It has a .203" nozzle and is perfect for a C-slot or 4 Bates grains. The nozzle size will vary depending upon grain geometry.

With a c-slot grain this motor static tested as a strong F-50. An Excel file of the test is available here.
XLS File of 24mm C-slot

Video 2.18 Mb file



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