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38mm Fuel for Thought C-Slot 3-11-07


Today I tested a RIO doped starter grain in a 38mm C-Slot. Due to a clerical error, (otherwise known as ruler opps) I made a 101mm long grain instead of the usual 112mm long grain. Since is was only a slight reduction in Kn I decided to proceed with the test.

If you recall the last C-Slot took 12 seconds to come up to pressure. I believe the ISP suffered as a result of that fact. This test was to prove that a short section of RIO doped fuel at the head of the grain would improve ignition time and hopefully increase ISP.

After reviewing the data it appears as if it helped with both problems. This motor lit after 1.6 seconds. That is seven and one half times faster than the last test. A marked improvement. ISP also increased from 114.94 to 126. An increase of 9.6%.

There was 1.75 seconds of thrust with a total of 150.12 Newtons. Average thrust was 83.40 Newtons.  The flame were well formed and richly colored for 1.6 seconds of the thrust.

Although it is a bit more work, I have decided that the RIO doped starter grain is necessary with this fuel when using  my present igniters. 

38mm C-slot static test 3-11-07