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                                                                Augmented Sorbitol  based fuel.
My first attempts at making a Sugar Flame fuel were based on Sorbitol and -325 iron powder. The first five test were a 65% 30% 5% mix of oxidizer, fuel, and metal. Although somewhat successful, they still lacked as prominent a flame as I hoped for.

For my sixth test I decreased the fuel by 5% while increasing the metal 5%. The result can be seen in the picture above.  This was a step in the right direction. 

My next step was to substitute Dextrose for the Sorbitol and that lead to the flame fuel I am using at present.

One thing I noticed is that I have to let my grains cure for at least a week before firing. On one occasion I fired two 5% iron grains on the same day they were cast and it is the only time this formula has failed to produce a flame. My inital testing was in the 200 KN range with 38mm motors. My ISP averages 108. Although low, I feel it is acceptable in order to achieve the flame.

Again I hope you find this information useful in your rocket endeavors.