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                                     18mm motor with a flame you can't deny.                                                                            

                        Static test # 1 of a formula I am calling "Fuel for Thought"


Let me start by explaining what this page is all about. As I previously stated on my Sugar Flames Page, I would like

a fuel formula with a flame on par with composite fuels. At the same time it must fit the criteria set down in the

Tripoli Research Safety Code

It states under Sugar Propellant Rocket Motor

"A propellant charge containing potassium nitrate as the primary oxidizer, and containing either

dextrose or sorbitol as the primary fuel and binder."

This is my ongoing quest to achieve that goal. 

That being said, I would prefer something in the fuschia color range. As you can see from the pictures and videos,

I still have a bit of work ahead of me in that department. I started this project in May of 2005. It has taken 21 months to get to this point. I am nothing, if not a patient man. I hope to one day fly the  elusive

"Purple People Eater" formula. Wish me luck.


Static Test #2 just too be sure it's real.


Static test #6. Up scaled to a 24mm motor.

Fuel for Thought.wmv

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